Aishitoto Marine Collagen Jelly Muscat Flavor (30 sachets)

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This is the marine collagen jelly that takes Japan's beauty world by storm. We have been the No. 1 best-selling Collagen Jelly in Japan for 13 consecutive years !

We have been awarded the world-renowned Monde Selection International Quality Gold Award for 14 consecutive years! Asihitoto Marine Collagen Jelly Yuzu Flavor, known as Uruoi Sengen, salient points include :

  • ZERO Fat
  • 14.3 kcal per sachet
  • No fishy taste
  • Yuzu Fruit Juice Flavor
  • 30,000mg Marine Collagen per box
  • Fully imported from Japan
  • Sold 480 million sachets of marine collagen jelly
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Aishitoto Uruoi Sengen Marine Collagen Jelly Muscat Flavor (30 sachets)

Most marine collagen out there is extracted from fish scales which are considerably cheaper compared to fish skin. Aishitoto uses collagen from deep-sea fish skin which has smaller particles and is easier to be absorbed by the skin.

As we age, our body starts losing collagen. If it is not restored, over time the skin will lose its former gloss and begins to form fine lines and wrinkles.

Aishitoto promotes YOUTH FROM WITHIN!

Understandably taking collagen supplement in your wellness routine, it helps anti-ageing, maintains skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles, fine lines, prevents sagging, dark spots, reduces joint pain, strengthens bones and joints, improves nail growth and prevents chipping, smoothens and protect hair.

The exact origins of muscat grapes are unknown, but they are believed to have originated in Greece or Italy and have been cultivated in the Mediterranean region for over 3,000 years. Japanese muscat grapes are derived from the European muscat grape, but the Japanese created their own hybrids after importing various western vines in the Meiji era (1868 - 1912).

Japanese muscat grapes are a good source of vitamins C, K, and B6. They also contain magnesium, iron, and potassium.



Water, Fructose, Fish Collagen Peptide (gelatin-containing), Sugar, Muscat fruit juice, Calcium Pantothenate. Contains minimal gelling agent, acidity regulatory as permitted food conditioner.

Step 1:
Tear at the opening of the packaging.

Step 2:
Insert collagen jelly into your mouth.

Step 3:
Chew completely before swallowing.


• It is recommended to consume 1 – 3 sachets per day at any time of the day.
• This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
• Avoid consumption, if you are allergic to any ingredients stated in the ingredient list..
• Store in a cool and dry place
• Discontinue consumption if irritation appears
• Keep away from children's reach

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